Past comments on clinical days from feed-back forms (Quotes)

Excellent. Best course I have attended.

Very good and calm atmosphere for learning

Excellent cases. V good practice. Better than what I heard about the course (note: presumably heard good reviews in first place)

'good selection of examiners and cases. Appropriate focus on presentation'

'wide variation. Excellent tuition and very valuable clinical exercises'

Good selection of stations and teaching styles.
Really helped explain the stations (communications/history sessions).

Excellent, helped me structure my approach better
(re: communications/history sessions)

Day 1 (re: communications/history sessions) was very good.
I actually learnt a lot and confidence increased.

Dedicated history taking and communications skills day was wonderful.

Very good selection of scenarios. Plenty of opportunity to practice. Useful focused teaching and feedback (Day 1). 

Fantastic, complex cases made me focus on history skills (re: history session).

Such a wide array of cases; especially very useful tips

Lots of patients, good case mix and knowledgeable examiners.

Everything was very good. Well organised, excellent examiners, patients with good signs, food perfect.

'very good selection of cases in all systems'

'very good cases and good teaching'

'Excellent cases. Fantastic course. Excellent mock.'

'All good cases and very good teaching. Could not find anything negative.'

'very well organised, excellent cases'

'Good, good concept, well organised, will have the pulse of examination
- really liked it' (mock exam)

Great cases - really good practice.

Realistic exam. Put new knowledge into practice. Challenging exam (re: mock exam)

Good examination practice under exam conditions (re: mock exam)

Brilliant practice, high pressure (re: mock exam)

'Excellent – fantastic.'

I liked that the examiners were nice and put me at ease when questioned or examining in front of other candidates. This made the experience better as I felt happy to be in an encouraging environment.

Thank you very much for your efforts. Special thanks to teachers who helped improve poor technique.

Great course. I really enjoyed it and feel more confident for my exam. I felt you wanted us to succeed and we were not commodities!

Thank you for a great few days. I feel I have learnt a lot.

Very good at picking up individual weaknesses and areas needing improvement.

Thank you, really helpful. Examiners helped me improve my technique. Lots of work had obviously gone into patient selection and teaching.

I think this course is one of the best. I will definitely recommend it. I feel more confident after the course.

Very good course. I have done 4 courses before and it is the best course. I am strongly recommending it to my other colleagues.

Overall a very good course..enthusiastic organisers.
I would definitely recommend it.



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